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Saturday, December 18, 2010

1 down last to go...

First paper of exam is over! Now left 1 more to go :)

Today's paper was okay ( i think so)....not that confident for getting good result but at least a pass will do....

Went to lunch with the housemates since this will be the last day for Elaine and Me already~ Had fun chit-chatting with them and great time together always~ After that, Sherine accompany me to Ipoh to get my studio photo! Then meet up with Wen Sun and hang out in Ipoh Parade for awhile. Good time with both!:)

I didn't sleep the last night until exam ends and then drive to Ipoh.....I'm feeling sleepy but just dun feel like sleeping!>.< When driving back to Kampar, I am really sleepy already! I almost met an accident few times on the way home. Thank God that I am safe home! I did learn a lesson.....DO NOT DRIVE WHEN YOU ARE REALLY SLEEPY AND DID NOT GET ANY SLEEP FOR THE WHOLE NIGHT!~

Reached home around 8 something. Straight away went to bed and a nap. Woke up in the middle of the night because feeling hungry. Skipped dinner. That's why feeling hungry. Went mamak with Priya and Stacy and now I am here sleepless night again! Didn't study for the next paper today. Gotta work extra super duper hard later already because this is the last paper for my Uni life and I didn't get a good marks for the course mark. A little worry. But still, I really wish everything will be fine and result will be good in the end. :)

Gonna back to my home on Monday already! The number of days staying here is lesser already. I started to miss everyone and everything. Gave my housemate a small gift and they cried. I cried too. I gonna miss them a lot. I gonna miss all the thing here. Anyway, all da best to them in their last semester too! 

Dun feel like sleeping now but what else I can do besides Online? Nah, a big NO to study!:P And I guess the only thing I can do now is............Sleep! Gonna wake up early tomorrow! Good night everyone! xoxo

ps : Opps, btw this is my fav studio photos that I took today!:P

Fav 1 : 

Fav 2:

More pics pls visit my FB! :D ( evil laugh )

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