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Monday, December 13, 2010

Can't wait to start the exam right now!

I'm crazy already! Can't wait for the exam to start now because most of my friends and housemates are finishing their paper in these 2 days! While my paper will only start on this Friday! :( I am envy of them because they could get to enjoy earlier than me and me cannot join their Taiping trip because of exam on Friday! :(

I am not prepare for everything yet. To leave Kampar soon, I feel weird in a sudden..... I can't believe that I had been through 3 years staying here with all my friends and now is time for us to leave already! I regret for not making more friends and joining more activities here with them. I started to like here. But it's the time for me to leave already!

Nvm, I guess I should have take some days to visit here again! I missed here. I missed the happy and sorrow moments. I also miss those days where someone always came to visit me! It's all a pretty good memories in mind!

Great thing now. It's already 6am in the morning and I am still blogging here. It's just because me and housemates just had our MCD breakfast and drank the coffee! 1 cup of coffee is enough for a sleepless night for me and today I drank 2 cups of coffee! This also explain why I am still here. I want to go to bed. I am trying hard..............


`Life Sucks` said...

who always come and visit you har har har???

Karen said...

swt!so surprise u read my blog~ lolx.....:P