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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Craziness in me for the first time in my life~

Since back from Kampar on Thurs till today (Mon).....I had spend more than RM1K in shopping~ This is also the first time being so crazy on buying things and couldn't stop myself from buying whatever I want for long......I cannot control myself.....I just wish to go shopping everyday and spend whatever I have!!!! >.<

Get myself many new things from shopping but I guess it's not enough yet!!!! I had not buy any heels or shoes and new handbags yet....Therefore, I still wanna get more cloths and pants for next year and preparation for working life~ I just need more CASH $$$$$$$$$$ !!!!! This month I am really broke....but I still cannot control myself from buying things! Gosh~ I am so called a "shopaholic" from my friends which see know the craziness of hunting everything I want in mind and spending my $$$$$ without thinking on that moment! Hell ya, I dunno what happen on me??? I guess nobody knows and it's hell none of no one business too~

I had many things to write but I am lazy now....Haven't start my revision since back home for few days....I dun feel like going back Kampar again....I just wish to stay here till my exam....but I know I will be dying soon if I stay here till the finals~ No WAY! I just couldn't concentrate and not even want to start my revision at home!!!! So, planned to go back on Wed but I think I am going back on Thurs morning~ Driving alone again. sienness~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Now, the troublesome matters pop up in my mind..... I dun know how's my future going to be.... I dunno what is the best for me and I dun know which road should be taken! I am really.........CONFUSING!!!!! I wanted to go Singapore~ and I definitely going there once I get any job from there! Earning more and more money will be my first priority~ I just want $$$$$$ so badly!!!!!!!!! :(

Oh btw, the sudden plan on Sat nite is ON! This means that I am going to Singapore the next day after my last paper with my Ji MUis - Eaven, Kit Mun and Sook Man!!!!!!^.^ Can't wait to travel and have fun with them~ This time the plan is Efficient~ Baby, I like it soooooooooo much!!!!! :D

Tomorrow is a public holiday....I guess I shall stay at home and continue with my revision~~~ So, now is the time to bed! Good nights! xoxo

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