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Friday, December 31, 2010

Say Goodbye to 2010~

It's coming to the end of year 2010. Nothing much changed compare with last year. The only changes is I am now pre-graduated...and soon need to work in a school which I had thought before I enter University. Seriously, I dun have much feeling of the end of 2010 and awaiting for the new year 2011 to come. For me, it's a brand new year and life still goes on....The same thing going to happen and everything is still going to be the same too! Furthermore, I am sure that I will also be alone for the year ahead. Single nia! So what?! >.<

Went meeting in the morning at school today and then drove down to Time Square with my ji muis! It's always good to have them together and hang out session and the shopping session! I spent a lot. A LOT I really MEAN! Oh well, as long as I am happy with it! :)

Dun have any special plans this year even is Xmas or NYE....just gonna have dinner session with the same girl gangs again!~ I still love to be with them :D

Anyway, I am tired and lazy to write more here already! Last wish of the year : Slim down and stay healthy always! Oh the most important thing is EARN MORE MONEY!!!XD 

Wishing everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR! Stay happy and strong with your family and loved ones.....

Have a great year ahead! CHEERS~ :)
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*hope the same to u too!*

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