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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Lazy me. Didn't update my blog for some time already.
Too many things to do.
Too little time I have here.
Nothing much happened recently.
Went back home last weekend and back Segamat visit my grandmother and the other relatives....
Din't drive back home. No car. Sienz. Need to get people to fetch me everytime.
But the good thing is... 
I didn't do stupidity things.
A good success right? (: 
Oh well, btw this week gonna be a super duper hard time for me because I am gonna rush my assignment and FYP already!!! 
Last minute work....as usual....
Btw, gonna celebrate Sherine's birthday in Club 9 tomorrow~
Hope to have a nice week ahead!
Gonna finish up my work this week!!!!

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