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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Finally I'm DONE!!!! XD

Been really busy and serious about completing my FYP for the 2 weeks....and finally I'm done with it and rushing the whole night and I get to finish it today!!!!!!YEAPIEEEE!!!!! XD

FYP is done, assignment is done too....now left 1 presentation and then need to prepare for the finals already! Speaking about finals, aih, I tot I can finish it earlier or what....too bad that my faculty ends the exam very late this time and we gotta wait till the 17th Dec only start our first paper and the second/last paper will be on the 20th Dec..... All my housemates gonna leave me here and go back for holiday that time I guess............ISH......why so unfair this time de? why can't let us end the exam earlier and how I wish to go home right after that??!!?~

It's left 1 month here..... I think I am gonna miss the study time already......gonna graduate already but I dun have the feeling of happy on me.....I am not sure what kind of feeling now....confuse and blur~ Oh well, I just want to graduate and end my Degree here and go back to my home sweet home~~~~~

After everything done, I am not sure what I want to do now.....PPS?lolx.....dun feel like it now~ XD

Well, gonna stop here and prepare for class already! Have a nice day to everyone and I'll update more again!!!~ GOOD DAY TO ALL! :)

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