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Saturday, September 4, 2010

~ The Randomness In Uni Life~

Recently, my friends had suggested many randoms idea of having fun staying in Kampar....
We really appreciate the time being together and this is going to be our last year and last semester here in Kampar already!!! :)
Thanks to all who brings good memories for me and others....You guys really ROCKS!!!
This is a new friend of mine, Lee Ting...
Our lunch last week at Wong Kok, Ipoh.
Me and Sherine :)

Another random thing that we had done is the sudden plan of going Cameron Highlands for Yum Char last Thursday~ :D
We had Starbucks and chit-chatting around till 3 something and then go back Kampar again....XD
Banana Muffin @ Starbucks 
My drinks ;D
Roomy with hers :)
This brunch of friends is the one who always help me a lot in these 3 years of my Uni life....
Thanks guys!!!^^
My coursemates....^^\
Girls always like to pose, same do me!!!!XD

Group Picture ( Take 1 ) !!!!^^

Group Picture ( Take 2 )

Besides, this Fu San dim sum happens yesterday whereby me, Brian and Jeremy was talking at the lakeside in the middle of the night. We actually wanted to chat for awhile there and end up randomly suggested by Brian that we can have early breakfast in Fu San, Ipoh for dim sum!!!!XD 
After that, we called Chris and Joshua along...and 5 of us in a car happily went to Ipoh....:D
The craziness of these guys.....
Whole night never sleep but still fully of energy which singing all the way long to our destination~~~~ 

Yummy dim sum in Fu San!!!!^^
I'm Love It~~~~~
This is my coursemate , Joshua 
Brian our dai lou and the driver!!!XD
Jeremy aka Jerms...
mua class rap!!! :p
Chris the oldest among us!!!LOL!!! 
Ugly me force to take picture by them~~~~T^T
The guys posting in front of the Restaurant!!!! XD

9.30am reach home and sleep for 3 hours only. Then, my roomy saying to go Ipoh for movie!!!XD
Action is better than planning! We actually go to Ipoh Jusco...the second trip for me to Ipoh on the same day.....Me and Sherine went there to shopping while Elaine and Louis went to have movie. I actually wanted to watch movie but too bad Sherine didn't want to. So, we actually went to have our early dinner in one of the Japanese restaurant in Jusco! 
My favorite food ya know right??? XD
And I can highly recommend this restaurant to ya all....
It's delicious and the place are very comfortable~ I'm surely going back for the next time~~~~
Cafe Takahashi
The menu book...
Us!!!! XD
My Unagi set which cost RM 19.90!
It's reasonable price....
Sherine and her Chicken Teriyaki set, which only cost RM16.90
The Unagi Cawanmushi is really delicious *yummy*
It's my time to have self-shot!XD

After that, we actually wanted to go Ipoh Parade, but end up Sherine received a call from her housemate saying that her car kena bang by others! We then go back and see how is the condition of the car and settle everything! Luckily, there's no one injure and it's just a small case of accident! Thank god for the small damage because the student who drive in Kampar really dangerous and scary....:)
After settle everything, it's Friday night and we had our party night again!!!~
this is the 3rd time I go down to Ipoh in the same day!!!~
You can see how the random of all of us already right???
WAHAHAHAHHAHA.... as long as we enjoyed our time being together and we shall start to have revision already because final exam is around the corner!!!~

Last but not least, I would like to say " HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to all the September babes which including myself!!!!!!!!!!!!! Although it's exam period again and I am going to be alone again in this coming birthday, therefore I still feel happy and glad to have brunch of friends who always give me support no matter what happened!!! Nah, no special birthday wish for this year but I just hope everyone stay happy and healthy always and the most most most important thing is.......GET GOOD RESULT for this semester!!!!! ^^
May God Bless US Always
I Miss You...

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