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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

An emo post...

Nothing much that I wanna write here actually, just randomly feeling want to blog and emo a little bit here....It's study week and finals is actually around the corner....and and plus my Big day is coming soon too!!! Every year this period is the saddest part of my life because there is so many things happened these few years around September!!! Hardly forget and dun want to remember what had happen.....I still have mix feelings.....How stupid am I ever did something wrong in my life????

Relaxing for the past few days and ignore to start my revision whenever I open my notes. Suffering. I dun know where and how to start to do my revision. Time table had planned by myself but I still not able to follow it and start my revision. Add on, FYP still stuck at here too. I am useless. I am lazy. I am hopeless.

Seriously, tomorrow I shall really sit down and start doing notes for finals already. I know it is hard but I really need to try it out! If there's some motivation for me, please do feel free to find me in fb or msn or sms. I really need it a lot. Yes, get what I mean. REALLY LOT!!!!:D

I dun know what and how is the feeling now. I am confuse. I started to live without his existing in my life already but therefore I still can see the shadow of him whenever what I do. I can feel somebody is encouraging me at the back but I couldn't feel who is it?...I know I am also thinking too much already. I dun think he will still even remember me or care for me like what he used to do last time. He got a better one to take care of. I understand. Haih. Just wondering how is him there with his new life. Sadly, I know he is ignoring me to know about his life anymore. What I can do?

Try to get me out here. I need a fresh air now!

Good luck in exam to all my friends. GAMBATEH!!!

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