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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

M-E-R-D-E-K-A eve @ Ipoh

The first time experience celebrating Merdeka Eve with my University friends. We had planned earlier to go up to Ipoh and celebrate together on 30/08/2010. 
Had fun with the usual gang who goes club together!! My dearest roomy, housemates and friends....:P
Here's some of the pictures that we took on that night! 
Location : Hades and Club 9 ( Ipoh )
Date : 30/08/2010 till 31/08/2010 3.30am
Those who were there are : Me ( Karen ), Elaine, Stacy, Mandy, Sherine, Jennifer, Cyrus, Veronne, Justin, Victor and his friends, Jeff Wu, Carmen, Strom, Nicholas, Vincent and some of them I had forget their names! *I'm sorry for the forgetful brain*
Girls just wanna have fun all the night!!!!!!XD

Imma party and party and party~~~~~

Here's some of shots of the night! :D
My lovely roomy for 3 years~
The 3 hot chicks! XD
Let's party my girls!!!!!!
The pretty babes of the night!!!!
Sexy Babe ^^
Pretty ladies in the club!!!!Pwiweeet!!!!
She's SEXY babe~~~
Strom and Me...

Here's some pretty ladies of mine in Kampar!!! Really thanks them for the support and encouragement always!!!Love ya all ladies~~~ 

And the last of all, our most important person who always bring hot chicks with him, He's called as our "bapa ayam"!!!XD
He's also my "kai kor"...

Last but not least, 
My outfit of the night....
*omg, i look really fat on that night*sob*

Before I end this post,
I would like to say....

Happy Birthday to Malaysia!!!!




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