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Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Yee Ying!!!

This is a special post for a girl which have the same name as mine....
It's her 21st Birthday on 10/9/2010...
We had a same name and our birthday actually is 1 day different....;P
At here, I wanna wish you : 
She's pretty and always have a sweet smile on her face...
This is also why me and her are good friends because she is a friendly and caring person of mine and always take care of us in Kampar!!!!!
Girl, I'm really glad to have you as my friend and thank you for always be there for me when I faced problems in my Uni life....
Hey, sexy lady~~~
Keke...we actually bought 21 candles for her on her small birthday cake....20 fake candles and 1 real candle....It's her 21st, of course we shall do something different than before, right??? XD
Yee Ying with her sweet smile on face...
This is always the unique side of her which always will cheers up her friends's day with a sweet smile~
The present from 1575 babes!!!!! * Me, Elaine, Stacy and Mandy*
Yee Ying's pretty white dress from us!!!!*You looks gorgeous,my dear*
Elaine and the birthday girl!!!^^
Stacy and the pretty :)
It's Priya and Bday girl...
Isaac and Vivian!!!^^
Alex and the pretty lady!!!!
Owwh~~Me love this pic lots :D
The hot chick posing at Pizza Hut!!!!
Finally, our group picture...

Lastly, wanna wish ya dream come true always and good luck in your final exam next week. It's 3 years since we know each other...You're going to leave us next semester already....I am not sure whether I can used to it without you here anot, but I still sincerely hope you will have good undertaking in your future!!!!! We girls here miss you a lot...Take care and all da best to you!!!!!!!

Happy 21st Birthday, 

Pua Yee Ying!!!!!!!


blurgurl said...

Omg omg omg!
I think I've been omg-ing before my birthday, and you once again surprise me with this lovely post! I'm so gonna miss you too!
Thank you so much babe! Muakcsss!

Karen said...

Hehehe! It's ur 21st mah...of cuz must give u surprise~~~
Thank you so much too!!!!*hugsss*