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Thursday, October 14, 2010

My beloved Da Jie (Cindy Tham) Convocation

It's 09-10-10!!!!
A big day for Ms.Tham Kam Pei...
It's her convocation in UPM after studying for 3 years there.....
We are glad to be there to join together in her convo and share this happiness together!!!! :) 
So, we five : Eaven, Amanda, Kit Mun, Peg Gee and Me met up at Jaya 33 and drove all the way to the Malaysia Largest University - UPM!!!!!!

Actually this is not my 1st time visit to this local Uni...The few times also went to this place because of the 1Malaysia thingy which my group had won in the 1M Proposal writing..... Great exprience though..:)
Oh well, back to the topic....
We actually took a number of pics together with the fresh graduate candidates - Ms. Tham!!!!XD
She's also known as my aka Da Jie  ( Big SIS ) although her body size is small than me lar!!! Yet, she's really a caring and friendly girl and happy-go-lucky.......
Here I would like to wish her ALL DA BEST IN HER FUTURE UNDERTAKING!!!!!! ^.^
See her lovely smiles ???? *Cindy Tham*
It's Us and some of them is Cindy's friend!!!!:)
This is our Apple aka Eaven Sun!!!! One is my dear dear and the other is my da jie!!!:P
It's Me!!!^.^
It's Peg gee and the pretty!~
Our potential primary school teacher aka Amanda Hoh and Cindy Tham !!!
It's our Secondary school teacher, Kit Mun and Cindy!!!Last of all, it's our group picture!!!!!
For left to right : Peg gee, Eaven Sun, Cindy Tham, Me, Amanda Hoh and Kit Mun....

After met up with Cindy, 5 of us went to steamboat which locally famous in Serdang ( according to Peg Gee ).....It's slightly expensive than our Sunway steamboat and of cuz compare to Kampar price.....The different of it is it has BBQ and steamboat together as Sunway's do not!!!BUT, I also told them that it's very normal in Kampar which have the combination of BBQ and steamboat for buffet....HAHAHAHA!!!I would say that the price and food are also CHEAPER than that place!!! 
OH btw, it's a nice try of different thing in different place too right....Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling well and do not have appetite to eat much which not worth that RM25!!!XD 
We had a good day and chit-chatting and teasing around each other......It's also consider our mini gathering since every one now is already busy with their career and studies.....How often we get to have a chance to meet up and sit down together for a couple of hours right????? :)
Appreciate everything we have now, Appreciate what we are now....


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