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Monday, October 18, 2010

It's time to say buh-bye again.

It's Monday! Actually I planned to back Kampar yesterday but there's a little of problem occur yesterday and end up I did not go back!

Went lunch with the him that I always mentioned. Finally, we get to meet up. But, everything seems to be so stranger for me and him. I always wanted to get a chance to see him and be friends again like how we was. Yesterday was a really sad case for myself. I found that I am still a failure after all. I can't even handle my own problems well, how am I going to help others some other day??? Frankly, I am really glad for the really short time that we spent together. Seeing him living great in his life now, I am happy for him. Sincerely.

We never talk much. I never ask much too. I am too scare to ask. I also dun know how to start. I need his help. I pretend everything that I am okay. I too show not care into him anymore. I dun know why. I dun know how to face it. The feeling is not good but I still able to handle it not-so-well. Overall, I am already satisfy with it. Not going to ask for more!

Finally, he fulfill my birthday wish in this semester break and we able to meet up before I go back again. I thank him for the time wasting on me. I thank him for making my wish come true. I did not show how I dun want to say good bye. I know it's my time to say good bye to him already.

Going back Kampar again. My last new short semester. And then I am done with my Degree! I appreciate the time being together with everyone. I miss some of the friends whom no longer close with me anymore. Maybe it's time to put down everything and move on with my own life. I thank whom really be there for me always. (:

New semester. No car sticker for me. Guess that I will go through everything differently already. Last wishes, hope that I can really improve my result this semester! Goodbye Subang, Hello Kampar again!!! :)

Take care my friends. See ya all again soon. Cheers!

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