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Friday, October 15, 2010

I dun know.anything.

A meet up with a friend today in Klang.... First time drive all the way to Klang by myself with the help of daddy's GPS!!!

Had a girl's talk session and yum char in the same time...talking and chilling....telling out many stories and get up to date to some news~ I missed it so much and now I should really up-to-date on more already!!!XD

Sometimes, it's not a bad thing to know the truth which I been holding on to. After the chatting, I felt relaxing and happier ( I guess )....I dun know why. I just know that I am glad to know the truth. At least, not guessing game which I really hate it A LOT! :)

Thanks to her. A friend of mine. We share a lot. Different opinion. Different stories. Different thoughts and thinking. And not to forget advice and suggestion for both of us! She taught me and inspire me. I know what is a clearer picture out there. I also know which move should I take already.

Well, guessing that my wish will not come true again. This Sunday I need to go back Kampar again. For the last semester. 7 weeks of studies. 1 Study week. 2 Exam weeks. And then I am DONE with my Degree!!!!!:D Can't wait for it!!!

Oh wait, I still need to worry for the result which will be release tomorrow. I just want a pass. May God Bless Me and my friend! (: 

I know my condition is not good already. I shall off to bed early already! Tomorrow should start FYP! I doubt I will do it! But, I will still GAMBATEH!!!~

Good night. xoxo.

*Tell me that she's right and I stand a 2nd chance pls*

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