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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Shopping always drive me C.R.A.Z.Y!!!!

Back in Subang again....my home sweet home....
After a week (actually just 5 days) continue the Kampar life....
I guess I started to know the feeling of missing home...the homesick....and how I ever hate it!!! :(
I missed everything here.... especially all my darlings and nice food and SHOPPING MALL!!!
Keke...today straight away back from Kampar to my second house, Pyramid for shopping.....WoW i love the feeling of spending even though I do not have lots of CASH~~~ KEKE!!!XD
And yeah, I spent more than RM300 today after tahan for so long....BAGS, HEELS, ACCESSORIES, and so on....WOOHOO!!!!
Then, night time hang out with a branch of friends to Club 7 for pool session again....yesterday also played with Brian and friends in Kampar pool center....oh gosh....this few days I been playing pool with different people.... kinda addicted to it seriously!!!:D  *oh well, it also makes me think of him whenever i played*
Gotta relax and enjoy myself for this few days already because after back to Kampar....everything will be in a rush and assignment and final thesis gotta get done before the due dates!!! Now, I am also worrying because I haven't get a person who willing to be my counseling client for practice for my assignment!!!! :(
Nah, not going to write here liao.....it's almost 3am and I guess I should go to bed now~~
To be continue...


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