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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Week 2

It's the end of Week 2 already and there's 12 weeks to go before the final exams.....

My time table for this semester is quite good because I had no class on Monday and Friday....This also means that I had more time to do assignment and FYP right??? But, I think I had wasted many time doing all nonsense and wasting all the free time to play around with my house mates and friends....lolxx..... *started to feel guilty*

It's weekend again and this week I decided to stay in Kampar and not going back to my hometown because I had rather more plans and work to be done!!!XD *stay tune for the updates*

Oh gosh, one more thing... I am seriously addicted into POOL!!!!! Guess like this semester I'm going to spend a lot in this entertainment because playing pool is actually a quite costly entertainment for a beginner like me.... But I am proud to say that my technique had improved after so many session with the pro!!!XD Thanks to my friends and classmates for teaching me~ :P

Another good news is I finally get my salary for the japanese food fair....:D This means that I had more money to be spent???XD

Next week is going to be another busy week again and I'm not going back home also although it is Father's day....I'm sorry, daddy.... I had some soft skills class going on and I had paid for it......I think my dad will surely understand my situation and not being able to celebrate with him!!! Newayz, I still want to tell my daddy that " Daddy, I LOVE YOU!"

It's late mid-night already and I guess is time to bed again....

Good night and sweet dream to all~


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