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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Me and myself!!~

This is the new me!!*after rebonding in Kampar*  
*Camwhore a bit* 
*i know it doesn't look any different compare with my previous hair*
It just time to change myself to a better one i guess??XD
Too many bad incident happens recently....
Even my friend also tell me that I am the one among all his friend which always get bad luck in going through my life which he ever met....Really swt swt!!!My coursemate saje already say that to me....How could I not admit that this is how I am going through my life now???
Is tough and hard to go on with that...
but I will always remind myself to think positively!!!!:))
Back from Kampar after 2 days of holiday there....
Now, is time for me to fight for what I should do already....
I am going to change myself!!!!
I gotta CHANGE~
change into a better person of course!!:D
Wish me luck and help me along if you willing to give me a helping hand~~