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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A great Monday!!! :D

Today Me and My NS Ji Mui, Yen Er went to had our singing session in Red Box,The Curve and had our really late lunch in Kim Gary!!!! It's really been a long time the last time we hang out together..... :))
This is my pretty best friend during NS time, Yen Er!!! *still single*ehem*ehem*winks*
Both our drink....Lemon Coke (Mine) and Ice Lemon Tea ( Hers)
Since both of us didn't get to take a photo in the room....we never missed to get the chance to take it in the toilet!!!Haha!!! XD
This is the fatty me with self-camwhore pic!!:P
There's still some pics with Yen Er....More pics will be update soon~
*new updates*
*our food*
*Carine*                                    *Karen*
After our singing session, we went to Kim Gary to take our so called lunch + dinner!!! Chit-chatting and laughers are so warm and enjoyable....There's so many things that we had left out and it's been really a year we did not get to meet up!!!! Great outing with her~
Still remember the first person I know during NS is her.....she's been always the one be there for me and helped me out a lot during those days.....Still clearly remember our days together....sleeping together in the hotel....sweet and bitter times in NS....hang out session after NS.....We still keep in touch for so many years.....I really appreciate this friendship with her because she's always a great friend and a good girl!!!!~
I feel PROUD to have a friend like her....
Hope our friendship will never ENDS....till F.O.R.E.V.E.R!!!!!!!!

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