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Friday, May 14, 2010


Today is my really old friend's birthday!!! We had been know each other since primary school....
At here, wanna wish her "Happy 23th Birthday!!!"
Me and my friends help her celebrate her early birthday in Little Bally Cafe, SS15....
Organizer : Karen & Wen Sun :P
Thanks to Eaven, Amanda, Vernon, Brendan and Kit Mun~~
The Birthday girl, Kit Mun!!! ^.P
Special 6 slides cakes from RT Pastry!!!*yummy*
Group pics *7 of us*
 Me, Wen Sun, Sook Man, Eaven, Brendan, Vernon, and Kit Mun.
Finally, the usual 5 of us!!! :P
*F6 gang*

It's a great gathering night for all of us although the time spent together is short!!! Some of them is going to graduate and some of time are working already!!!But, the most important thing is we still keep in touch from time to time....Glad that I have this branch of friend who always there for me when I am down or happy....

You guys are definitely THE BEST!!!!

Last but not least, 


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