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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

If I say I still missing you??

After so many days....so many months..... I still miss you so much here.... I am out of mind how to keep your shadow inside my mind anymore.... So many ways I had tried.... Unfortunately it is still end up the same result.... I find myself dare not find you or talk to you anymore.... Is this a good or bad thing??

No matter how busy am I.... how tired am I.... I still can't stop thinking of you!!!T.T.... I am afraid of finding anymore because I hate the feeling of disappointed whenever what u had promise me..... You said that you will find me whenever you have the time.... but guess it's already half a year I been here since last semester holiday.... but it so clear that I am just the only one who will find you but you will just give me so many excuses to me that you are so busy in this and that.... Can you hear my heart breaking???

I dun know...  I really dun know..... I am out of idea.... out of way.....What should I do??? T.T.... 

Can We meet once before I back to Kampar???

Will you promise me???

We shall see....


ps : I miss you much and I really really do...

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