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Friday, April 30, 2010

The Immature ME

I did something really STUPID this time AGAIN....

When I am standing like a fool.....my mind keep flowing many pictures and I even can hear my Id and Superego fighting between each other.....My Id did want me to stay but my superego keep asking me to stop this stupid action.....Add on, I am also a girl who are very clumsy and stupid....I know how to differentiate the right and wrong but I always want to get the real answer before I give up in doing things......Imagine how both them fighting and finally my Id wins!!! Gosh....this is not a good one!!!~

I know what am I doing....I really know how this stupid react will annoy whoever involve.....but I am really SORRY because I couldn't control myself from all these happens......I tried....to stop myself.....but if fail as I said...my Id occupy it most of the time!!!! *silly me*

I also know that this is how immature myself is.....how many times I gotta disappoint myself and others who always care for me....how many times I gotta make someone angry because of this stupid react....how many times I am just trying to get the attention for that someone???????How many stupid react that I myself also couldn't think that this is what I did for the 1st time in my life....and it is just for a guy who I wanna hold on........Where's the ME who doesn't bother always in the past of my life????Where's the ME who can just let go and go on with life????Where's the Me who will not fall just because of relationship????Where's the ME who can be brave to face everything and keep smiling in front of everyone??????I want back the ME who can just take every single thing as ABC.....I want back the ME who will not become crazy and will not do even a single stupidity things just because of someone who is important nor not......!!!!!

GOSH.....you know how I hate the now ME?????

People outside....please SLAP me and WAKE me from this!!!!!!

I had enough for everything!!!!!!T.T

The only way of calming myself is......???

For now, I really need a counselor or psychologist or even psychiatrist I guess!!!!!><

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