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Monday, April 5, 2010


Eaven, Kit Mun, Karen
My dear dear and Me =)
William and Us!!^,P
Celebrating Vernon's birthday in The Sherpherdoo,Certro Klang. 
Outing with Chiu Yen!!!^.P 

It's been a long long time I did not take pictures.....Dun know why just dun have the mood to take nice pictures....hMmMmm....But, I promise I will take MORE because life is just short and I wanna appreciate every single thing that happens in my life!!!!!*winks*

Working life is really killing me....Therefore, thank you to a branch of friends who willing to accompany me or even bring me out after my work to release my stress!!XD Although it will just be the same branch of friends, but I still love it a lot to hang out with them!!!~  =)

It left 2 weeks to end my training now....but the job load seems to be getting heavier....another last challenging work to be done before I step out and graduate!!!Well, it really tough but I will just try my best in everything....There will be no regrets if I really did my part, right???:P

Life still keeps on going even though it is hard....

Therefore, I still miss him a lot...=(

Give me more time, kay???

Lastly, GOOD DAY TO ALL!!!^.P

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