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Monday, March 29, 2010

In search of my L.I.F.E!!!

After so many weeks, finally I am able to stand up and go on with my life....
It still hard for me but at least I did try my best...
No regrets, no looking back, no stopping myself from doing whatever I like....
My friends says that I look happier recently~ It will be a good start right???:D
Well, 2 more weeks till end of internship....really can't wait to take a break and finish my final report and thesis!!!~ ISHhhh.... I shall not be so LAZY and last minute anymore!!!*praying*
I had met many new friends and old friends recently....Thanks to all who always there for me when I need accompany....really appreciate it a lot!!!:))
Last but not least,
I am gonna search for my own LIFE....Be happy go lucky....Be the one who can understand people....Be the one who needs me....Be the one who appreciate what I did....Be the one who is caring and lovely....Be the one to whom will appreciate me....Be perfect for everyone!!!!~:D
Thank you for those who hurts me because you really gave me a BIG lesson to go on....*you know who you are*
Lastly, Congratulation for those who are in a relationship which shocked me:P