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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Unsent Mail...

Dear You,

Finally we have the chance to sit down and talk about what is on our mind now. Accepting the fact and truth is rather hurting but I am happy to know what you are actually thinking now! At least, now I am choosing to move forward and not going to live in the past.

I have so many things which I haven't get the chance to say out to you. You asked me what I wanted to say. You question me why I rather keep quiet and not talk about what is in my mind. You trying to make it more comfortable but in the same time I choose to escape from the reality. I thought I can be tough enough to handle it but actually I am still weak when I look at you. How many times my tears dropping but I am trying so hard to control myself so that I will never let you see my weakness and know the unhappy side of me decide this tough decision.

There is so many unspoken words in my mind and so many questions in my mind which I want to know the truth. At last, I choose not to mention and bother about asking it anymore. This is because I am really tired now to keep holding this complicated relationship between us. At least, now we are clear. I will work hard to overcome it.

After so many months of working hard to hold on in this relationship, I found myself actually appreciate every single moment being together with you. This is the first time I did so many stupid thing to someone I actually care a lot in my life. I know it is stupid enough but I did it all because I really love you and care for you. Maybe the way we want are different but we did not find a good way to solve it. Well, over means over. I understand.

I choose not to find you anymore because I do not want to disturb your life and also ruin my own life now. Maybe this is the best way for me so that I can stop myself from everything. I know I will definitely regret in decide all these. But trust me, I will do it!

You asked me "Are you good or bad?"....Without thinking much, I can really tell you that you are good to me. Everything you did...I know is all for my own good. I know it is too late for everything, but I thank you for everything you thought me. Sorry for everything I did. Thank you for once being the most important person my life.

Lastly, wishing you all the best in everything!!!Take care~


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