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Friday, January 21, 2011

Tell me that was just a dream and please help me to find a way out!~

It's just like what is happening on me....
ONE word to describe : MESSY!!!!!!
I dunno what happen....2 weirdo incidents happens on the same day~
Firstly, I met J****!
After 5 years....finally I met him back....I dun know why I escape from looking at him and scare to talk to him that time..... Maybe I do not want to let him see my ugly changes now because I did not appreciate him last time...=( I'm sorry! Oh well, at least I know you are good there....I am already happy for you!

The second incident~
Because of the first incident...I ask my fren to accompany me to Pasar Malam at the nite....I tot it can helps me to release my guilty n emo-ness....But who knows.....I met someone and his partner......GOODNESS! I am damn nervous that time because i do not how to face them again! Gosh~ It's just like the GOD wanna test how am I going to react these incidents happens! I tried to be calm...I tried to pretend that I am happy and good there! I know He saw me....so do his fren,....Didn't expect anyone to say "hi"... And the funniest part is....the food that I order....I didn't even EAT it!>.< At that time, I just wish to leave and walk away because I am not ready to faced him again! I guess he is also having the same feeling with me....He also treat me as a stranger......
It's really hurts. I dun know why.... I am really unhappy.... I just dun know how to do......
I know there's no point saying so many things also....Over is over. Past is past. 
I am just mad at myself for not overcome him after so long period!
Luckily I have friends around me who always give me support and care when I need them! Thank you ya all~ I really appreciate! I will not disappointed you guys! *hearts*

Oh well, I found out that this is interesting : 
This are the ways for getting happiness in a relationship!
Have you did the all 5 of it? =)
Maybe I am just gonna delete everything or throw every single things that is belongs to you already so that I will not think or miss you anymore! Should I? xoxo

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