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Friday, January 14, 2011

I think I am thinking of you again....

For some random thoughts, I suddenly think of you...
I thought I am tough enough to face everything but I am wrong once again.
Memories keep flashing on my mind. I have no idea what's going wrong with me this time.
Maybe. Maybe I am missing you. Or maybe I just wanna talk to u that much. Or just maybe you are always staying in my daily life. I tried so much not to find you. I tried so hard not to mention about you. I tried so hard to pretend that everything is going fine here. Deep in my heart, no one knows how much I missed you.

It's okay. I am just crapping here. I do not need to have any sympathy and empathy here. Neither from you or others. I am trying to figure out my feelings now! Yeah, who cares that I am so gonna over you now!=(

Time to bed. Tomorrow will be the last day of teaching! Monday have 2 interviews! Good luck to me and my friends too! Going Genting tomorrow! :) Good night readers! Sleep tight! Sweet dream! xoxo 

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