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Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 106 & 107

Saturday - 
 A working day but today finally can back home at 6pm for the first time after working for 1 month....No special feeling.....and yeah Daddy bought us to a Japanese Restaurant for dinner!!!:D
 FFK by someone that she promise to watch to watch "WOOHOO" wif me!!!>< But, my night never ends here....went Yum Char with Jun Boon,William bro and Isaac at Borneo Rainforest~ :P
 Later on, 2nd round yum char with Isaac...and he suggested to go KL!!!!LOLx....random suggestion....random decision.....we went KL " you che ho" (in cantonese)....meaning Makan Angin lor....:D and he surprise me by bringing me to a place that i wanted to go long time ago -- Sky Bar!!! *thank you*

 Went lunch with bro William and Isaac in Sunway "Pan Mee"....and then went Tong Sui!!!The popular place in SS15,Subang Jaya, which is Snowflake!!!~ I love the dessert there a lot~~ *hearts*
 After that, went PYRAMID.....WOW....surprisingly today is SOooOOOo jam whereby we stuck in the car park for almost an hour but we still didn't manage to get any!!!!GrrrRR.....without any patient anymore, he suggest to park my car outside and we can walk to pyramid!!!!!~
 Ish ish....I tot he suppose to accompany me shopping....mana tau at the end of the day, I just bought a pair of heels from Nose and a singlet from MNG.....the so "rich" him bought Adidas sport shoe....clothes from few shops too!!!~I am envy because I didn't manage to get what I want!!>< The jacket I saw in "Kitschen"...OMG....it took me so long for the Queue and finally I gave up to buy it!!!Maybe next time lor :((
 Hmmm....We went a Jap restaurant *again* for dinner.....basically i love jap food a lot so no complains that I had it again today~~~:P
 Then, yum char session with my so called " lost contact kai ko",JB and his GF in Sukumaran in SS 14~~~ and Ya the silly me bang into divider at "some place".....OMGosh.....my car......lucky me nothing happens....><....Maybe I am too tired and not concentrating or focus on driving that time!!:( 
 Tomorrow is the off day again!!!!Gonna have breakfast with JB and his GF....I am gonna be the bright bright "lighbulb" for the couple~~~Then might go for a last minute shopping before I got no time for it for the following days before CNY is here!!!!!Hopefully I can get what I want lor~~
 Talked on the phone with my roomy today...I seriously miss her A LOT!!!!!:(.... I'm sorry that i couldn't be there for her when she facing some problems....Hopefully she can be more brave to face it!!!!Mentally supporting her always~:))
 I also wanna thanks to her because she did help me analyze some problem for me so that I am not so lost.....Although sometimes I might follow what my heart wants me to do, but advice from her will still in my consideration before I wanna do anything!!!!Really thanks to her from helping me so much when I'm not happy!!!!!~~~:
 I'm tired already....tomorrow gotta wake up early for breakfast!!!!!!Good night peoples!!!:D

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