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Monday, September 3, 2012

Wait....What Am I Doing....?

My first bday surprise! Thx to the one who treat me!!!

SIGH! Had a really bad August month..... Food Poisoning at the beginning of the month and sprain my leg at the end of the month..... *sob sob*

Besides all these.....there's also many problems need to be handle and solve.......it's really killing my mental and my bed time....End up I am having INSOMNIA after all those problems in life.....*tough tough*

Finally August is over and September is here!!!!! My favourite month because it is my birthday month! Although as grow older there's nothing special about it anymore....Therefore I still looking forward into lar! :D

Oh well, the confusion starts here...... I dun know what I am doing anymore..... It's COMPLICATED!!!!>.<
SIGH, it's been more than a day I never have a good rest already.....hopefully I can have a good start again this month!!!!!Keep fighting!!!!!! One more step closer!!!!! :)

Good night world, good night love....xoxo

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