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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Holiday mode ON~

It is the 5th day of holiday and it is going to end soon! My holiday mode is still on yet I haven't done marking my student's exam paper and their workbooks! SEE! how lazy I am in this holiday.....

Wondering why I am being so lazy and busy? LOL! It's just because SHOPPING MOOD is here and I really LOVE IT! Keke! Although didn't have much money nor never get to buy those expensive expensive things, Yet I am already satisfy with what I spent during this holiday!!!!XD WOW! I have new heels for working and a blouse for shopping! Also get myself a new formal shirt and formal heels for my CONVOCATION this SATURDAY!!!!! Owh, can't wait to meet up with my friends and the classmates~ and take many many pretty and gorgeous photo with them!!!!!! :D

Btw, I am also going to take a personal convocation photo for myself and with my families! But it's sad that my brother is not around and he's in overseas now! Didn't get to take a full family photo with him! :( But, I am sure there will be a chance for us family to take the family photos together when my brother's convo! ~ 2 more years to go~ Jia you BROTHER! *imissyou* :(

Spending is really fun as money keep flowing and "sponsor" to those accessories and boutiques!!!!XD
Well, I'm loving it because I am gonna make myself even PRETTIER and BETTER LOOKING with new styles! :) Looking forward for my new changes kayz! ^.^

Tomorrow is the SING K session with the girls @ Neway! :) SING SING SING~ My girls really like to sing and it's been some time we get to gather together and have some fun and relax day! WEEE~ TQ girls!:D

OH lastly, wait! I have to say : I am FREAKING broke this month already! :(  Hope next month will cut down those unnecessary spending~ Really need to save some money and spend it on something else! :)


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