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Monday, March 7, 2011

Awesome weekend Kampar trip!=)

Last weekend, I actually went back to Kampar with my roomate, Yee Teng and Sherine to meet our dearies there : Stacy, Mandy and Cindy!!!!! Been missing them so much after we left Kampar~~ =)

Glad that we gals have the chance to gather together and have some activities together gather!:D And we also need to thanks to our driver , which is Yee Teng's bf and the friends we met in Kampar~ Memory flash back and now I realize how much I miss there! A Lot! Yes! I will never deny that :)

Wow~ I missed my 1575 house and Kampar food and also Ipoh trip SO MUCH right now! Even though we didn't have much time to eat all the delicious food in Kampar but it's really an awesome weekends spending the time with the girls! Esp our party night!!!!!! Wahahha~ Owh~ I missed it really much here!

Btw, it's time to back to the reality and the Monday-blues-day.....Working is definitely not that good as STUDY time!~ Luckily and thank God that I really spent my 3 years of Uni life with a branch of friends and I didn't regret any single second of it with them! Thank you guys for the memories =)

Hope to have more time to go back and visit the others~ 

Btw, next Saturday is my Convocation @ Wisma MCA! 7.30 am and hopefully it will be another good day to meet up with all my fellow friends and classmates! :D Looking forward into it~~~~~

The last last thing I wanna mention here is.....OUR f6 Gangs YEAR END TRIP TO KRABI,THAILAND!!!!WOW~~~ Can't wait to have fun with the girls again! Cheers and Nights ya all!XD

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