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Monday, August 2, 2010

Randomness in Uni Life~~

I'm here again, blogging very randomly...
It's because I am escaping from starting my assignment which need to be hand in tomorrow...
And also another counseling recording....
Singing one of my favourite song by Shino
Being random of me, 
Just to upload some photos that I recently took :P
Up : Meet new friends like Avy ( my junior ) and Jennifer ( BA course )...
Down : Sherine, Me, Avy...after our "yoga" session!!!XD
Up : My roomy gonna wear Sari for her presentation...Do she look like Indian????XD
Down : Priya was suggesting me to wear Sari for photo session...that's the 2nd time I wear this!!!~ *winks*
Of course, we will never forgot to take pictures together!!!! After taking so many pictures, I only realize that there's so many ugly picture of mine which cannot be shown to others! At last, I can only pick one of the best (I think lar...) to upload here!!! *Credits to Priya*
Last but not least, Girls always just like to have FUN and CAMWHORE session!!!!XD
Due to the tiredness of me, I can't find a nice photo even though I took quite a lot of the SS pictures...
So, I can only pick the 2 above as the end for my blogging...^.^
I'm in love in those sexy SARI~ 
I'm kinda satisfy after wasting so many time here...:P
Guess is time to start my assignment or else I need to burn mid night oil AGAIN~~~ 
Love ya all,xoxo

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