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Monday, August 16, 2010

Life never been easy as what you thought

Not in the mood to blog for the past few weeks...
Just like the moody mood today, I decided to write something here to stay active for my blog!
I'm having kinda tons of problems recently and I find no way to release it or either tell it out...
I am lost. It's because I dun know who I shall trust anymore...
People around me seems leaving me behind or I shall say I choose to stay behind them because I dun want to get hurt???
Sometimes, it's hurt to know that people around like to lie or hide something from me. I know I care too much. But hell ya, if I dun treat you people as somebody important in my life, why shall I care bloody much???!!!
I know they have issues on me, which I know it well... I care and worry too much for others, they are afraid because they dun want me to control and they need their own freedom!!!! wth.... if I dun even bother, why shall I worried?? For the sake on my own good??? NAH, I get nothing but PROBLEMS, ya know???
Hey, maybe I think have the responsibility too to take care of ya all....but, if ya all dun need it, please tell out and I will fark off and dun wanna cares ANYMORE!!!!!><
Ya know why I am sad and disappointed???
Ya know how do I feel???
Ya know how hurts???
Hey, dun ever think that people are trying to control ya freedom, I am just nobody to do so....
Please dun be so freaking FAKE and do all those bitchy and bustard stuff~~
I know what is my limit, so do you, right?!!!~~
I tell myself not to care anymore,
the more I care the more I get annoyed...
That's fine, I shall keep quiet always and pretend that I will not bother already....
It's too much because ya all hurts me physically n mentally already~
I decided NOT TO do so anymore!!!!~

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