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Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Single Day!!!

A very nice date 11.11.12.... Happy Single Day to all the single ones like me!!!:) Well, its been a long time i am also used to live independently with myself.... With the support from family and friends always... I am grateful for it!!!:))
3 years had passed... Nothing much changed except for human's heart... Someone who you might be very close before turns become a stranger... Someone who are stranger to you also turn to become close... How miracle it could be as its like a blinking of eye in front of you... I always feel guilty and sad for the one who leave me... And then turns to be like a stranger...Maybe i dislike this kind of feeling, yet is also a must to accept the fact of life! No worries, people grow up.. People move on.... And i wish someday some time i will also move forward to what i can get in life...... Its ok to get hurt now because i still able to accept this slowly..... Theres always so many things you need to pretend you wouldn't care and bother even if you do.... The best is... Pray for whoever in heart... Wishing them all da best in life.....and hoping they will know that theres someone who always give the blessing to them!
Hmmmmm..... Somehow i know... Is the time to stay away.... I still learning to be what i wanna be.... :))

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