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Thursday, October 25, 2012

The kiddies smile :)

Happy to see all of you again! My little ones.... They are always the one who can make me laugh and smile for the whole day! Glad to see them again....Some change a lot....some still remain the same....some even become "leng zai" and " leng lui" already! :) Even my first badge of students since std 1....now is std 6 already!!! 6 years!!!! OMG....I had known them for 6 years.....time really flies...they grow up....we grow old now....Happy to see all of them! Worth day of my "MC" LOL! :))

Anyway, I still glad that all of them remember me....even they had prepare pressie for me.....really appreciate and touch!  Gals and guys, thank you for the memorable day! I miss you all! And we shall meet one other day!!! :) :)

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