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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My first time trying this....

This is my new color of hair!!!
Just done today...after my work....which tooks me 4 hours including waiting....
Was wondering and confusing what kind of color suits me...
Was struggling what kind of hairstyle suits me best...
Finally I choose something which i couldn't accept before this...
Challenging color which is brighter than all my previous hair dying experience!!!
I am not sure this will suit me?
But hopefully it gonna be a different for me! :)
Like it or not,
Who caress!!!!! XDXD
Hmmm....I stilll prefer to have my hair perm! This is the temporary blowing one....
Guess soon I will go to the salon again for my next change! :D
Hoping to see another changes of mine!
To be different this time,
I shall conclude that...
My challenge this time : 

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