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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

When you have no money in this world.....

It's pretty sad to say that I am jobless for 4 months.......It's really a shocking news for myself to accept that I didn't work and no income coming in my pocket but money keep flowing out from the bank! Everyone thinks that I am a materialistic person because I love money alot and I also wanted to have MORE MORE and MORE so that I can satisfy myself! Hey, It's nothing wrong to think like that OK? People always says that....We cannot buy happiness without lots of money BUT do u ever think properly???? Without money....we cannot do so many things....we can't satisfy ourselves...we can't have happiness too ya know???? Everything in this world is talking about how much you can earn and how much u have! Do u think u will live HAPPILY without enough money in your pocket??? >.< There's too many things in this world need cash to buy it! Hey, if you do not have enough of it, do u think u will still live "great"??? On that time, you will definitely think of having EXTRA cash for other things...and also emergency~~~ The world is reality ya know???? >.< 4 months living in something that I am only afford to do is so limited!!!! I am also an ordinary person....I also have my dreams...I also wish I can fulfill my satisfaction to make myself happy~ Sometimes, I dun really understand how people can just live with a few thousand with their salary but also wish to do other things....... I salute them for knowing their ability to only earn a little of it but still living good out there....BUT....I also feel sad for them because they can only do things within their limitation....If they wants to have higher dreams. they need to work extra hard again to get what they want! Seriously thinking.....Do u still find happiness in life if you need worry and worry about financial problems every single second in life?????????? Where's the happiness???? I can't see it! :( Recently, I really feel that how useless myself and how greedy myself to wants more from what I can do now......:( Am I too much???? :( :( :( 

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