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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hair Treatment day to cheer up my day!

Yesterday was a superb unhappy day for me! Have to face some ups and downs.... Some problems which need to be overcome by myself.... Some challenges which need to be go through in life..... Well, at least I learned to go through over it!  After reflex of what I need to do to continue my journey of life, my friend Evelyn bring me to a salon and do some hair treatment and hopefully it can also brighten up my day! (; Really appreciate it because this is usually one of my way to express my feelings and cheer up myself by going a salon to have a hair cut or hair treatment or do something else to my hair! XD I have this kinda habit since studying in University~ And those close to me surely know that I love to go salon once a month~ Well, it's weird but it can definitely helps to cheer up myself after a refreshment on my hair and myself! :D  Few more days to go back to my own home sweet home~ Can't wait to go home now! :D Lastly, pls bless me so that I can faster find a good job and my dreams can be one step closer than now!xoxo

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