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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Congrats our Bride To Be - Elaine Wong!!!!

Congratulations to our BRIDE TO BE -

Our Dai Kah Jie! xoxo
Our F6 gangs!!! :D

The Kampar (UTAR) gangs~ (:
Housemates FOREVER!!!! <3<3

Leng luis!!! <3 ( Cindy, Mandy, Stacy )
Love them! xoxo ( Cindy, Me, Sherine )

My best girl-friend, Amanta! (:
Yee Yiing and Yee Ying! :D
Kwen! (:
With the bride, Elaine Wong!
Sherine and Me! <3
Just ME, always~ (:

Thank you for all the friends who attend the Bachelortte Party that night for our Bride-to-be, Elaine Wong!!!! Without you guys, it will never be a success! (:
Glad to meet up with all my kampar housemates, my kampar buddies, and also my f6 gangs~
We had celebrate at Full House, i-Bar and also MOS~
I am sure everyone enjoyed the night with laughters and joys~ Nice music, good environment and the most important is with the ones with always love~
Gals, u all did a good job!!!
There will be more and more event coming up soon~
Can't wait for our Ipoh trip next week~~~~~~~~Lalalala~~~~~
Lastly, congrats once again to my BFF and Best roommate ever, Elaine Wong!!!!!!!!!!
I am proud of u, love u lots here! xoxo~
Best wishes from ALL of US! <3<3

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