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Thursday, September 1, 2011

I need a doctor to bring back to my life....

Seriously, I can't control myself from buying things every time I step into the shopping malls already! I think I am going crazy passing by all the attractive shops and things I like it so much! I just can't stop myself from getting it home anymore! I seriously need someone who can scold me till I can wake up!!!!!!!!>.<

I am getting really obsess in all the things I like and wanted to get them back home badly now~ Now I know when a person get to earn more, he/she will spend even MORE!!!!OMG, I seriously in this kind of dilemma already~ I just can't stop myself from buying all the things I can!!!

I dun know what is the cause for being like that, I just can think that this is one of the BEST way to cure my unhappiness with shopping! Bad habit I have always, which I can only release all the stress and unhappiness in heart in spending and let my money flew away~~~~~ 

I really need a doctor, a doctor which can help to cure my heart and mind! And the most important thing to change myself to be a better person! I need it badly, I wish there's someone who can be there to scold me and stop me from doing all these stupid move before I trap myself and regret in heart! :( 

I know I hold things so hard and doesn't want to let go till now....It's so hard for me to put on and continue with my life! Can I have some better way to cure all my problems in mind???????????????

I need a doctor, seriously need a person who can really cure me! Are you the one?????? 

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