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Sunday, September 18, 2011

A BELATED birthday appreciation from ME~

It's the month that I looking forward to because it's my BIRTHDAY MONTH! HOHOHO! At here, I would like to say a million thanks and appreciation to all my friends and families especially those who had celebrated with me and the gifts from U all! (: 

It's a late post to really thanks everyone for giving me a memorable 24th birthday!!!~ Firstly, I would like to thanks to cousin Jessica and Eunice for the pre-celebratetion at Sid's Pub TTDI which accompany with my 2 lovely Jimui Wen Sun and Amanta!Besides, I would also want to thanks to Jessica's bf, Dominic!(:

After that, I would also want to say THANKS to all my Kampar buddies....All of them were there as a small gathering and celebration of my birthday! I was really touch with all the wishes, accompany and caring and loves from them ever since the time we were together in Kampar! :D My girls : Elaine, Mandy, Stacy,Sherine, YeeYing, Kelly and the others Yong Jian, Justin kor, Victor, Veronne and friends........too many to be mentioned here! Anyway, I really appreciate it a lot! And yeah, we had a great night in MOS,Sunway in Saturday itself! Teehee! :P

Next, I also thanks to mummy and daddy because they bring me to Rakuzen! *my fav food*....Hehehe~ Although it's a simple dinner and then next time we had watch movie " Nasi Lemak 2.0" together, but I too feel warm with their accompany and treat to bring me out! Thanks MUM and Daddy!(:

Then, on the same nite, my F6 GOssip GURLs had a small celebration and we had steamboat in Summer, Sunway! :D Although food is not that nice anymore, but I really feel good and warm to be together with them and the simple celebration in Amanta's house! :) I will always remember the days with their laugher and jokes....Kekekeke~

My pretty colleagues also helped me celebrated birthday at Neway, Subang Jaya......Feeling touch and happy to be with them and all the help and care from them in school because they are the experience teachers which helps me A LOT! (: *Thanks all pretty*

Next, is Wei Kang, a friend which I knew from Kampar who came down from Penang to treat me and my other same name "half" Yee Ying.... We had lunch at Empire and after that we had a tea time session in Kim Gary! (: Nice guy he is but too bad he aren't my cup of tea! LOL *BFF lar*

And then, I also want to thanks to my NS bestie Carine How for the treat to Sakae Sushi at 1U and then the time shopping together! :D Thanks a lot girl~ 

Opps, and not to forget, I also want to wish those who wished me in facebook,MSN or SMS~ (: All of the wishes and bless will be truly appreciate by ME!!! Guys, u all really made my birthday a memorable one! ^^ 

The last thing, I also want to thanks to my students who remember my birthday and send those birthday wishes to me! Besides, there's also few of them who give me present in school! Really so touch ya know! :) 

Too many to be written here but I believe what I want to say here will never be described by words one by one! A simple THANK YOU will be the best best word which I wanna say to all! Thank you for being with me always....Thank you for everything.......Thank you all for blesses and If there is someone I had missed out, I am sorry for it and hope u will forgive me! BUt, I sincerely appreciate what you guys wants from me! I promise I will be a better person! And I know I am not young anymore.....Well, time to plan for future and I think I am a little more mature already in this year~ 


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