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Monday, May 16, 2011

The Gossip Gurlsssss!!!!

This is our latest group picture of our group! The Gossip Gurlssss Group!!!! xD

(Front) From left to right : (Me)Karen, Elaine, Kit Mun, Peg Gee, Eaven...
(Back) From left to right : Wen Sun, Amanta...

I really LURVE this picture so much!!! Everyone has a nice and beautiful smiles on their faces~
We are the 7 of us who always hang out together and share the happiness and sorrow together no matter what happen! Thank you all my Ji MUis for the support always! You girls really ROCKS!!!!!<3

Hope that our friendship will never ends here....
Will always TOGETHER and be there for any one of us! 
Girls, You are not ALONE!!!!
I am not ALONE!:)
I am happy to have you girls with me always~ 

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