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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Believe in eyes or ears?

It goes away.
The feeling.
That feeling you have right now,today.
That feeling like you can do anything.
The clarity.
It goes away and you go right back to being the coward who can’t tell the person you love how you feel.

I can't believe myself that I have this feeling again. To face the truth and see what is happen in front of my eyes... There's too many stories in it, and I know I doesn't wish to know anymore. Once again, I am being like a fool... How shame am I? I wonder.....
This time, I know I am not daring myself to do that again already. In deep my heart, it really breaks into half or more of pieces already! What can I wish for more? There's nothing I guess...
Well, nothing I shall explain more towards this incident again. THE END of fairy tales...
And today I went to salon again for a new hair cut session! Hopefully everything will changes to a better one after everything ends! I have aims and goals which I am hoping that I can success and achieve it! Last of all, wish myself all the best and I sincerely appreciate the ones who loves and help me out a lot around me! Thanks for being there. *THANK YOU* <3

I have a dream and I know it will come true soon! Gd night all!xoxo

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