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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

1 down 5 to go!!!

Finally,1 mid term test is down (IO psy)...
actually i never really do well in the exam....do revision in last minute and also cin cai read through the notes....plus this morning when i wake up...im not feeling well again....went toilet for few times also....during exam time....i cannot concentrate in doing the question too....overall,i just feel bad n sad because i can't do my best in tis test!!!*sob sob*
9.30-11am is my mid-term test...then 11.30-1pm is my culture presentation....zzz...culture presentation also last minute only gao dim....somemore never really read through the thing i wrote....plus lazy and not enuff time....BUT,tutor surprise us with a question" how long did u guys prepare for this presentation??"...we tot that we did badly in the presentation but he said that we are confident enuff although just prepare for few days!!!LOL...actually we just complete our thing last nite!!!keke...luckily this was not tat bad as wat i thought!!!:):)
After that, 2pm have appointment with Grand Kampar Hotel to have an interview session with the worker there....well,after the interview.....we know many "secret" there...HAHA...but the workers there are mostly friendly and open because they willing to tell us many things bout the working environment there!!!we also get many information from them!!kekekeke~~~~
after that, me n cy went for a hair cut....and i cut my hair AGAIN and also rebonding for my hair....sitting there for 2 hour plus.....kinda boring but im satify with my hair now because i wont complain that it is very messy!!!:):)....
dinner time,went to have diiner wif friends and also celebrate a friend's birthday...then around 11.30pm went to G2(Youth Center) to celebrate my classmate's birthday!!!!so many ppl birthday this month....really broke liao!!!T.T.....me n cy went to the bakery shop and bought a "Durian Cake"....kekeke.....so we celebrate at G2 after 12am....
really tired for now....actually still got many things havent done but i really cannot take it liao....gotta have some nice rest 1st and continue my assignment n revision tml!!!!!
so,good nite everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

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