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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

To: my dearie PENG~

This is specially for HER...my dearie LEE PENG!!!!
the reason for posting this is because i wish to take the opportunity to THANKS her for being with me and help me out no matter what happened....
We do always shares out our different opinion and helping each other in solving problems in studies...relationship...and so on....i'm just so GLAD to have her as one of my "JI MUI"!!!
Peng,sometimes when i having problems,u will always there to lend me ur ears and listen to me...i really feel touch and happy because u willing to take out some time for me!!!although sometimes u cant help me much...but i really feeling better after talking to u and express my feeling out....thanks dear!!!i appreciate it LOTSS!!!*u surely know it right??*
so,the main reason for writting this post is to thank you and also let everyone out there know that i hav such a leng lui and good friend!!!HAHA...be proud of having U as my friend.....
Just to let u know that....u are such a wonderful and clever girl.....u are just urself....dun bother about how others look at u....dun bother bout how others judge at u....just be urself....as u always do....dun easily get influence by what ppl tell u....they might not be helping u everytime or they may harm u anytime....SO,u must always trust urself and do everything with ur feeling.....
u know urself are able to handle ur problems....friends are just giving advice and guiding u in solving problems....SO,trust urself more and be confident always like u always do!!!^^

my 3 months holiday is ending really soon...thanks for accompany me always when u are free and thanks for being there with me always.....our outing for these 3 months really mean alot for me...i appreciate it everytime....
lastly,i would like to apologize if i did any mistake or accidentally make u angry nor unhappy here.....year 2009 is a new year for both of us to start a new challenge in our life....forget the past and look forward into our future....we are always one step closer from our dream!!!!
i will always there for u when u need me...take care~~


Eaven Sun Lee Peng said...

feel like crying out edi..
so touching~
Duno what to say about rite now..
I could understand the everyword u wrote and the feeling u tried to bring out ^^
Dun worry!!! We'll be seeing each other aft cny~ then, v hang out again!!! Don't stop playing!!! LOL..
Keke~U jia you too^^

Karen said...

happy to hear that!!^^
yeah~we must +U together!!=pp

Siu KeOnG said...

so touching ~haha