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Saturday, December 31, 2011

What else should i have hold on to.....

This is the last last post for year 2011 already...Nothing much i want to mention here because i dun wanna think bak of those unhappy moments.... All i want now is moving on to a better life in a brand new year 2012!!!! I have choose to run far far away from home and start a new lofe with all myself....A place where im not really familiar wif... A place that i hope i can escape everything that i faced now.... To start everything new, i juz need to have some new resolution for a better starting of year 2012! Im really tired of hiding those feeling inside mu heart so such a long long time already.... Sometimes i wish tat there will be someone who will stop me from all my decision...its impossible for everything because there will be no one who willing to do that for me mow!!! I hate being a replacement of somebody else.... And i sometimes dun understand why ppl likes to take me as the replacement! Gosh....do u know how much i being hurt and how much i need to pretend myself and smile in front of them? Wtf, who cares for now.... Im not going to be the one anymore!!!! I need my life bak... I need to let go and learn to be independent already!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last of all, hope everyone will have their dreams cone true and stay happy and healthier than before!!!!!!! Good luck peeps....Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!(:

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