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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Stay tunned.....

Today is a enjoyable day with my fellow friends~ (:

Meanwhile, I also went to Salon (Snips) to have a new hair look! *Teehee*

This time not only cut or rebornding....it's something else! :P

And yeah, I will write it and post it at my next post as now I am still sick and lazy to think and write already! 

Heeheee, wanna know more bout it....pls keep urself update ya! :D

Christmas is near and I can feel the joy and laugher out there and faces on everyone! Oh and before I forget....I would like to wish everyone " Happy Winter Solstice Festival 冬至快乐!!!" Blessed from me and my family~ It's a must to eat "tang yuan" ya!!! Oh NO~~~ I dun want to grow older ler~~~~~~ T_T 

And lastly, good night and have a nice day everyone! 


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