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Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's complicated here in my mind =(

Bunny year... I shall say that this is not a good year for me =( 
Lost my 2 phone...everything gone.....=(
Then facing so many troublesome problems recently....
Going through all one by one by myself.... I guess I am brave enough to face it by myself~

What can I say?
I dun know...
It's just complicated n mix feeling!
Owh...I miss Kampar and my friends~
Hopefully I get to go back this weekend and met up with them!~
Stressful time~ T.T

And btw,
I met T again~
Glad to see him and know that he's fine there!=)
Best wishes from me always~

I promise I'll never be the same....if We ever meet again next time!!~
Hopefully the next time we have the chance to meet, I am totally getting over you!~ =)

Oh well, I give up my BB and iPhone! And, lastly daddy bought me a SE Xperia X8! Thanks daddy!~~~*muacks*

It's time to off to bed again....tomorrow gonna work again.... Hope that everyone will not have Monday blues:P 

Good Night world! =)

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