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Thursday, April 30, 2009

2nd paper---------OVER!!!!

Today is the 2nd paper of finals..."Applied Psychology"....
for ur information, it is all about which psychology field and what they do and all...:):)
well,it is so called as a " common sense" subject...
Eg. Sports Psychology...their job is to give motivation and help the athletes....
LOL!!!!sorry for repeating what i read cuz i wanna retrieve my memory mah!!!kekeke....
this is one of the paper that i admit i never hav a well-prepared subject....it because everything is like too common sense for us to write...even i believe if u guys nv take psychology,u can also crap alot of things!!!!well...but it still have some terms and some key word for us to memorize lar!!:P:P
this few days our study group is not that "effective" as before....when in law house we keep talking crap and nv really study much bout it....frankly,i dun felt any nervous in this subject until i take my bath this morning!!!it was already 11am and i havent finish my notes!!!!!that time only i find out that there are actually there's still some points we need to memorize.....OH GOD...im really SCARED liao!!!!last min study HARD lor...until when we reach Uni....everyone was actually saying that they never really read too!!!LOL...unbelievable....izzit too easy for us to score????
So, i started to read some inportant chapter which emphasize on Dr.Lee.....her fav topic "Educational" & "Sports"Psychology.......trying hard to read the notes for the last min and.....FINALLY......guess what????i'm kinda shock and happy to see the question today!!!!!OMG....the 1st question was what i read few mins ago and the last question was also what i aiming....2nd question is from pass year question and the 2(a) is also from our Mid-term....although never really study much on that but still OKLAR....can remember some of the point!!!:):)...ohya...then the 4th question...althought i dun really know how to answer (might not have key points) but overall.....i'm satisfy with all the questions that i had answer!!!!!!!THANK GOD is just in time for me to finish everything!!!!*winks*
SO.......i'm happy that the 2nd paper is OVER and there are 3 more to go!!!!!Can't wait for sem break and hang out wif my ji mui and friends!!!!!!!!^^
next paper----Cognitive Psychology!!!!!
our lecturer,Ms Low told us that this will be a killing paper for EVERYONE!!!!!SO...we gotta put more effort in this paper already!!!!!!!!GAMBATEH!!!!^.^

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