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Friday, January 13, 2012

Learning to be independent.....

A new me <3

It's been a week since I leave Subang and come to a new place....Johor Bahru~ 
There's a little change of my routine compare to living in my home sweet home....At here, I need to be extra independent because I am alone and dun wanna trouble anyone here..... I learn to be independent...I learn to do what I want...and I learn to be alone for times....What I did was just alone continue this journey in a new place~ Thank you my friend Evelyn who offer me to stay with her while I waiting for interview in Singapore~ I am satisfied staying here for a week! (:
For the first time in my life, I had done things which I will never do in my house ( hmmm, I mean things that I will not do back in my home ).... Usually I don't eat alone, I don't walk alone, I don't go anywhere alone....At here, I learn all these things that I will never really wish to do back in home! 
A week here, I had try my very best to search for jobs through websites and all....Then I also went to Singapore alone to also search for the companies and all..... I really wish I can find a good job as soon as possible....I dun want to be jobless....I dun want to waste my time doing nothing every day....I dun want to waste any of my effort in searching....I dun wan....I dun wan to be so......like a ......useless people in life! I know I might be too rush in things but I really feel uncomfortable wasting my time doing nothing already! :( Grrrr~ Pls pls pls....wish me luck....pray hard for me so that I can get a good job here! TQ~ 
Besides that, I also want to thanks to all my friends for the support always~ So kind and good of them caring for me....Feel touch too because daddy n mummy also care for me...(usually they didn't bother bout what I want to do ler!)...I am happy because I know they love me too!

Dear all, I will not disappointed u all~ xoxo

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