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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How long more could I stay....

It's only the Second week of July.... I am already feeling tired and fall sick again..... Working more than 12 hours a day is not an easy job.... So far I found it interesting yet mentally cant take it already! :( How long else I can stand??? I start to wonder.... I start to feel that I am staying far away from my target already~~~~~ Wuwuwuwu.... Maybe I just need some motivation and inspiration from others now~~~~ Who will be the one??*Thinking in mind*

Working from day to night....can really temporary helps me forget of being alone and staying alone in the dark when I am feeling helpless.... Sad to say that, I have actually limited friends to hang out with or little Friends which can share the ups and downs together~ This is one of the way which can helps me going through my free time....This is also one of the ways which can help me feel that I am not wasting my time by doing nothing else!!!~ Well, I know I might not take it any longer till the end, But at least I still happy with it now~ (:

Aihs, I really wish to know more friends and expend my social network ler~~~ Where can I find friends? Where can I find someone who are actually having the same interest or hobby with me....? Where can I get to know people like that???? Anyone can introduce me???? *pity me*

OH and the last thing I wanted to say is............... I am missing those days in Kampar!!!!!!!~ Miss the study life and friends too!!!! T_T...... I also dun know when will have the chance to go back there again and meet back all my friends~~~~~~~~ No matter what, i still will bless them and miss them deep in my heart~ Without them, I wont be able to grown up and change to another better person! THANK YOU~ :D

I miss all of them.....especially those who I had lost contact with.....my primary friends, secondary friends, f6 friends, Uni friends, NS friends, Camp friends and all~~~~~~ Hope U guys are doing great at the other side of the world!~ Good night!xoxo

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